Re: A news item and subject which I just want to check out (62) October 7, 2022

■An ideal boss:
In the newspaper the other day, opinion survey results on new employees this spring conducted by Japan Management Association was reported. According to that, for the question to choose three qualities which their ideal boss and their senior have, “polite guidance” is 71.7%, which is the top, and “words and actions are consistent” is 36.7%, and “don’t forget appreciation” is 29.4%. Compared to the similar survey conducted ten years ago, “polite guidance” significantly increases from 52.4%. On the other hand, “scold me” , which was the level of 30% ten years ago, is 17.6% and “have a passion” goes down to 9.5%. And for the question to ask uncomfortable business, “work temporarily leaving the instructions unclear” including “if I had to choose” reaches 82.7%.
My impression when I read this article is “frailty”. I feel the generation gap like if a boss does not teach them A to Z, they can’t judge, and they are lack of experience of being scolded these days, and they ask their boss for “kindness” on a priority basis. Am I the only one who wants them to have “the mettle to carve out their own path”? When I was young and a fledgling employee, and I was asked to draw up about ten lines or so of sentences, I was refused to accept the sentences again and again. My boss heard that I said “my boss looks like a sadistic sergeant” in a war movie image, and I have an experience where I was severely scolded by my boss, who had experience as a soldier, that “a sadistic sergeant means a person who bullies a subordinate for no reason”. But as a result, refusing to accept the sentences and being scolded became a big nourishment in the rest of my life. I think that it is natural to give strict guidance out of affection to bring up and extend a subordinate, and it is necessary for the side being guided to think the reason over changing his angle.
In the meantime, in other article, there was “the flood of new harassment”. According to that, it is said that an employment agency in Tokyo made a classification table mapped by frequency of occurrence and scene of 47 types of harassment last year for the first time. It is scheduled to make it this year, too and it is said that it will be about 50 types adding “coronavirus harassment” which means discriminatory words and actions over COVID-19 and so on. Reflecting such recent times, it seems that consultations of causing and suffering damage are increasing. Even if I say one joke now, it is necessary to keep my eye open and be attentive in order not to invite misunderstandings around me. In addition, this article says that “the flow of anything harassment is obstructing not only a company but also growth of Japanese society”. I totally agree with this.

■The world economy which dark clouds are hanging over:
The Berlin Wall fell and the East-West Cold War structure was dissolved in 1989. Since then, globalization of the world economy had gone smoothly and the inflation rate had fallen and the world economy had continued to develop every year. The ratio of the world trade value in the world’s GDP was 30% in the 1990s, but accounted for 51% in 2008. However, the ratio went back to the level of 40% again in 2020. The country which held the key is China. Since the end of the Cultural Revolution, occurred from 1966 to 1976, China had achieved rapid growth due to reform and opening-up policy by president Deng Xiaoping at the time. After Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, China joined in WTO, and since then, had achieved close to double digits economic growth until recently.
However, beginning with that on October 4, 2018 vice president of the United States Pence at the time criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s monopoly on power, vigilance against China heightened at once. At that time what was said in China is “60% phenomenon”. It is a lesson historically proven called “once GDP in any country reaches 60% of the United States, the United States is trying to reduce the power of that country with all its might”. Well, the former Soviet Union and Japan were the same. In the United States, it is true that vigilance against threats to the United States is deep-rooted. From this point of view, it is concerned that in the world economy fragmentation will be unavoidable, and due to reverse rotation of globalization, optimization of production area aiming for cost reduction, in other words, Supply Chain Management will be obstructed, and prices will rise, and the inflation will occur.

■Professional baseball player, Munetaka Murakami for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, Congratulation on achieving “the triple crown”:
A young hero has come into the world again. Baseball player Munetaka Murakami for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, in the last at-bat of the last game of regular season, hit an oversized 56 th home run which was the solo second of all time, and achieved “the triple crown” for the first time in Reiwa. Having a monopoly of three major categories of batting at the young age of 22 is the youngest record in history which is far better than Hiromitsu Ochiai for Lotte in the Pacific League at the age of 28 in 1982. After he approached “one more home run” before the achievement of the record, it may be because that the feeling that he “wants to hit a home run” was getting stronger, and I felt “tenseness” even if I watched him. But I felt a drastic swing where he made up his mind in the end.
I have always thought about it, but I think that professional sport is in very severe world. Under the spotlight, the result is everything, and they can’t fake it. This is severeness which corporate executives don’t have.

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